Things to Consider when Choosing the Right Toy for your Kids

How to Choose the Right Toy 

I was watching the news broadcast earlier, and I saw this feature of a man who saved a child from choking on his toy. I suddenly had to check my kid’s toy box if there is anything in there that can result in choking.  It dawned on me that I have to be very careful in choosing which toy to buy for my kids.  It should not only entertain my kids but most of all, the safety and the benefits it can give them.

Here are some Things to Consider on Choosing the Right toy for your kids.  


There are a wide variety of materials used in making toys at present.  These are plastics, silicon, and wood.


These are generally a durable material and can last for generations.  My mom still has our blocks when we were kids, and it is still in good condition.


There is a hype nowadays about wooden toys.  Because of global warming, wooden toys are now a preferred toy material for environmentalist because it’s durable and environmentally friendly.  Some toys that are made of wood are educational.  These range from cars, sorting board to wooden puzzles.


Mostly used in teethers for their soft and no toxic characteristics.  Now there are also cognitive toys in the market. Some are a combination of plastic and silicone.  It wouldn’t surprise me if more toys were made from this material soon.


Toddlers love to puts things in their mouths, especially their favorite toy.  They can’t help it.  It’s part of how they explore new ideas.  One thing that is quite concerning is when a toy has detachable parts.  We should look for toys that are age-appropriate for our children.  Key point? The toys that have small removable parts? A big NO-NO.


One of the things that we must be vigilant about is toxicity.  Most of the time, we prefer to buy colorful toys for our children.  Colors are a great way to teach our children and improve their cognitive development, but there are some cases when low-quality toys contain toxic paint chemicals such as Lead. Lead as a compound makes paint colors more vibrant and shiny.  It is not easy to know if your child has lead poisoning because the symptoms only come out when it is dangerously high.  Have a consult with their pediatrician if there are changes with your child’s developmental growth.  Some crayons also contain lead, so we must be watchful when they are using it.


What is the use of your toy?  Is it to be played in the house? Playing outside? For educational purposes? For fun? For team play?  Toys were made for different purposes.  We must recognize which toy should be played where and what toy gives the optimal benefit to our toddler’s needs.


One thing that we should consider is our choosing toys that are eco-friendly.  Climate change should be everybody’s concern.  As a responsible parent, we can select eco-friendly toys that are not just kid-friendly but also environmentally friendly as well.  Plastics do not dissolve for many years.  It is natural for toys to break and be thrown away.  It is easy to make toys, but it’s hard to eliminate them properly.  So choose toys that will benefit everyone, even mother earth.

Toys can be found everywhere, it can be used to keep children occupied for a while, let us maximize the benefits it can give them, whether mentally or physically.  But most of all, let us take this chance and time of their life to bond and make them feel our love.  This is an integral part of their lives, where we mold them into loving and compassionate human beings.


Toys are children’s words, and play is their language.

Garry L. Landreth