(9 – 14kg) Lovekins Ultra Dry Night Nappies


Lovekins Night nappies are designed to keep your baby happy, drier and more comfortable at night with peace of mind. The top sheet layer is made with natural Australian cotton embossed with pearl grain grooves for superior liquid absorption.

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3D leak prevention channel and hybrid core SAP technology provides an ultra-dry experience keeping baby’s skin soft and protected for the ultimate night time solution. Flexi-Bod stretchy bands around the legs and waist adds movability and safeguards from leaks and red marks.

  • Australian Cotton – breathable Top Sheet for ultimate softness and comfort
  • 3D Leak Prevention Channel – Back sheet made from water-proof leak guard to keep nappy dry and protected
  • Flexi-Bod technology – stretchy and soft band around waist and legs for freedom of movability + reduced gaps and red marks
  • Wetness indicator panel – Yellow panel changes to blue when wet

Bag of 38 ultra dry night nappies

Large: 9 – 14kg