Odin’s Shimmering Bifrost Trilogy Set of Teething Toys

Special Edition range of ‘Teething for Odin’ teethers in –

  • Mjolnir / Thor’s Hammer in Metallic Black
  • Sleipnir / Odin’s Steed in Metallic Frost White
  • Jormungandr / Midgard Serpent in Metallic Red

This set is perfect teething companion for your baby. Welcome the first frontal bugs and develop grip with Jormungandr, let Mjolnir soothe with it’s textured internal knot and clamp down on Sleipnir’s sleek body and head for molar relief!

Don’t have a baby? Use these teethers as decorations, coasters, stress relief of pot holders; the sky is the limit!


All Helles Teeth teethers are designed in New Zealand, they are safety tested/certified and produced in a responsible, fully certified factory approved by SGS/LFGB/FDA and EU.

All teethers are –

  • BPA, phthalate, lead, PVC and latex free.
  • Food grade silicone – coloured with completely non-toxic colourants.
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe, easy to sterilize and keep clean.
  • Soft, flexible and durable – with no detachable parts.
  • 100% designed by Helles Teeth