Lunch Box Hacks

I’m at the grocery picking up some veggies. I’ll buy all these fresh, meticulously picked organic vegetables and fruits because I want the best and healthiest produce available. So I got home and just cooked dinner, and now I’m thinking of what to prepare for the next day.  

One of our daily struggles as moms is what to cook for our family. Especially packed lunch.  Preparing food is easy but making a Lunchbox for children is especially tricky because our children tend to dislike vegetables. A healthy, well-prepared Lunchbox has no use if not eaten.

Here are some lunchbox hacks to help make lunch prep easier:

Grocery planning:

Planning a menu for a whole week is better than thinking about what to prepare every day.  Have a list for a week before buying ingredients to save time and money. Most of the time, we purchase unnecessary ingredients thinking, “Oh! I’ll cook these tomorrow,” then we forget that we have them in the refrigeration.  


Kids love colorful things. This also applies to food. The more fun and playful it looks, the more they will eat it. Cutting food in different shapes and sizes is much more pleasing to look and can encourage children to eat than a square or the regular cut for sandwiches. Arranging your fruits or side dishes to look like a letter, number, or animal will put a smile on their faces and will automatically make them eat it.  


Even adults wouldn’t want to eat the same meal every day. Make a plan for a variety of menus for our children. Preparing some ingredients in advance the day before will cut the preparation time in the morning. Knowing the things that they love to eat is best to make for lunchbox because we must remember, we’re not there with them, so they have the choice not to eat the things that they prefer not to eat. Unlike when eating at home, we can monitor and persuade them to eat things that they usually would choose not to eat.


The most important thing to consider is the container. Opening a Lunchbox and expecting a fresh sandwich but when you see the sandwich, now it’s all wilted and brownish? Or a supposedly warm meal becomes cold and hard. A Lunchbox must keep the quality and freshness of whatever food stored inside. Lunchbox with compartments helps keep wet food on one compartment and dry food in another compartment without the need to bring two to three separate lunchboxes. In keeping cold food cold, we can put in some frozen berries or grapes in one compartment, therefore, keeping other food cold as well.  

Simple Messages:

Leaving a note with simple messages like “eat well”, or reminders like “don’t forget your veggies!” with a heart or a smiley face on the lid of the Lunchbox will feel like you’re with them as they eat lunch in school.