6 Simple Options to Really Enjoy Taking a Break

We discussed about some perspectives on self-care in one of our previous articles. However, one question that some of us have is “how can we take a break?”

After all, if we are used to taking care of our babies at home for women as our brain is like spaghetti – we tend to attach to each emotion and each situation making some type of connection. In this article, we suggest 6 simple options that we can work on to really enjoy taking a break. 

1. Enjoy the nature around you

One thing about New Zealand is that there’s no shortage of nature for us to enjoy. Be it mountains, rivers or lakes, nature is just a doorstep away from us. Therefore, why not take a break by just going out of the house for a set period of time (it can be anywhere between 30 min to a few hours, depending on your childcare arrangement) and just enjoy the nature around you? It can be as simple as taking a walk along the river or just sitting at the park and admiring what nature has to offer us. You’ll be surprised by how this can refresh your mind.

2. Enjoy a cuppa

Another way to enjoy taking a break is to simply get out the house and enjoy a cuppa at a café nearby, alone. Here’s a Pro-Tip: Try to find a café that is quiet and has no kids (you won’t want to be reminded of your baby). And you can just slowly sip your coffee while taking the time to read that book that you always want to finish. Try it, who knows, you may enjoy the peace and quiet. 

3. Enjoy the friendship around you

Enjoy taking a break doesn’t have to be done alone. We can just round up a few buddies from our community for a meal together. This can be a good time of catching up and perhaps even be a time when we’ll be reminded that we’re not alone in your struggle at all. Moreover, the break that we take with our friends may even yield surprising results as they will sometimes share tips that they gain from their parenting journey. 

4. Enjoy your smartphone

Smartphone ownership is prevalent nowadays. Everyone has one. Who knows, you might even be reading this on your smartphone this very minute. The apps we have on our smartphones make them an excellent option to take a break when our baby is sleeping and when we decide to leave the laundry alone. After all, playing mobile games or even just mindlessly scrolling our Facebook or Instagram can be a therapeutic way to enjoy taking a break as we take our mind away from all the responsibilities that we have for that short while.

5. Enjoy a nap

One common struggle for all parents of babies is the lack of sleep. And we often feel like there’re so much to settle after we settle our babies. But if it is so important for us to take a break, then why not consider just enjoying a 20 min nap first before carrying on with the rest of your chores? After all, catching up on your sleep not only ensures you remain healthy to take care of your baby but it also means that you’re going to be fully present for your baby when you are awake , instead of suffering from the fogginess from a lack of sleep.

6. Enjoy some retail therapy

Research has shown that there are benefits that can be reaped from retail therapy, if done properly. Some of these benefits include easing transitions, especially for new parents, and relaxation. And we can definitely take a break by doing some retail therapy. With the advances in technology, we don’t even need to step out of our house to shop. While you are at it, we can even enjoy the time by shopping for our babies’ needs. For example, if they’re starting to teeth, you can take the time to shop for a teething toy for them.

But at the end of the day, these options are not mutually exclusive. For example, we can always round up your friends for a time of collective retail therapy. The key idea is that we really take a break and do something that you enjoy. So go ahead and take your break. And enjoy it. You truly deserve it.