Being Environmentally Responsible and reuse containers – Is this for us moms?

Having kids can be messy. I’ve got to confess, I’ve used a lot of disposable stuff for convenience. Most of which are necessities, especially for an on-the-go mother like me. But when I think about it, I’m throwing away my hard-earned money!

Are there any Moms out there just like me? Have you considered using Eco-friendly products? Reuse some containers or bags? In these days and age, we try to give our loved ones the safest and healthiest food that’s in the market, even if it’s a bit costly. We take time to choose and prepare their food. But have we thought about taking care of our planet like how we take care of our children?

Why should we reuse and support Eco-friendly products?

I’ve been reading and hearing about climate change, and continuously feel its effect. I’ve recently learned that we only have a decade to avoid the severe consequences of climate change and that each of us must stand up, change our ways, reduce waste, and protect our environment. We can slow down the effects while we search for new ways to cure Global warming.

There are a lot of ways to be Environmentally Responsible.

One way is to minimize waste. These can be excess food that we bought and forgot that we had it in the refrigerator. Or leftovers from our parties yesterday. Let’s shop smart and be practical. Storing canned food is as important as checking the Expiration date when buying them. We must always follow FEFO (First Expiration date First out). Sometimes we stack our groceries in a lump that we didn’t notice that we have older ones at the back.  Taking a little time to stocktake our pantry will save us money and limit food waste from our household.  

Another way is to reuse products such as bags and containers. Plastic bags are convenient, but these take 1000 years to decompose in landfills. There’s a selection of reusable bags in the market that’s not only Eco- friendly but fashionable at the same time.

To reuse containers is also a step in being Environmentally Responsible. The most crucial question we consider in buying containers is: Are they safe for my kids? I mean we don’t want to be penny-pinching in exchange for the safety and health of our loved ones, right? 

Here are some things to consider in choosing your reusable containers:

BPA (Bisphenol A) free. 

Since 2013, the US Food and Drug Administration has abandoned the use of BPA in feeding bottles, sippy cups, and others.  

According to a study, though there was a minimal amount of effect on growth, weight, and tumor development, there was an increase in the occurrences of mammary gland tumors that needs further research. 

We cannot be too careful when it comes to our children. Our children are still developing their organs, and are susceptible to all kinds of things which can affect their growth and development.  


It might be safe, but is it durable? An Eco-friendly product should survive the wear and tear that our kids put through. It should withstand all the biting, falling off the ground and squishing. Will it spill when pressed? Will it break when exposed to extreme cold like being out in a freezer or from heat like being put in a microwave oven.  Finally, we can reuse it a lot of times. All of these must be considered to get our money’s worth.

Dishwasher safe

We’re always on-the-go, and it would be great to have a dishwasher-safe reusable container.

Being Environmentally Responsible should start with us. Small steps lead to bigger things and the time’s now to change our ways not only for us but for our future generations. Mother nature is crying for help. She can’t protect us anymore if we don’t do our part. 

Again, I leave you with a quote to ponder on.

We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go. – Terri Swearingen.