The 3 Year Old Stage

The 3 Year Old Stage
Ah we’ve all heard of the three-nager (if you haven’t think teenage attitude but in a 3 year old body/mind), and there is no doubt that this can be one of the hardest ages, as kids are working out how to handle their own emotions and their fit in the world!

There are somethings that I love about the 3 year old phase though! The innocence, and the imagination of a 3 year old is astounding, and I’d love to live through a 3 year old’s eyes for a day!
Every morning, when we leave home as I go to drop my girls off at their respective cares, on my way to work, my 3 year old always spots the streets lights still being on and will say “Mummy the moon is SO forgetful! He forgot to turn off the lights! Forgetful moon!” Her little 3 year old-isms just brings a little joy to our world!
Her enthusiasm for food and while I’d love for her to just eat her dinner, there is nothing cuter than her using her broccoli as trees, for her pea dinosaurs, on top clouds. Or just by my husband and I calling her mashed potato clouds, her once stated “I don’t like potato” statement becomes “I love eating clouds”
The 3 year old stage is definitely challenging with the everchanging emotions, the arguements, and the down right refusal to get off the floor of the local shopping mall, when you’re in a rush!
But I woudn’t change it!